TherapyEd's National Speech-Language Pathology Examination Review & Study Guide is the best way to prepare for the PRAXIS® or Comprehensive exams.  Here are comments about the book from noted Speech-Language professionals.


This is the most comprehensive review process for the PRAXIS that I have ever seen. In an exceptionally organized manner, the student is walked through all areas, from basic foundation information to specific disorders. The simulated exams are an excellent way for the student to get feedback on knowledge level as well as training on timing for the exam.

Michael Bamdad, Clinic Director, George Washington University

This book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the science review in a clear, concise format. It contains, with beautifully detailed illustrations, information organized in outline form, and a wealth of supplementary resources. It is easily the best Praxis review text I have come upon, and has been eagerly adopted by our program and enthusiastically embraced by our faculty and students.

Rhea Paul, Faculty, Sacred Heart University

The book provided a wonderful review for the various topics related to the PRAXIS examination. Students have commented to me that it is a valuable resource! They are particularly impressed with the "Teaching Points" provided with questions including a rationale for making the best choice. I highly recommend this book for all students to prepare for the PRAXIS and achieve a passing score on their first attempt.

David L. Irwin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow. Professor and Program Director Speech-Language Pathology Program Director, Autism Center at ULM College of Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Louisiana at Monroe

Lof and Johnson have created an excellent resource for graduate students in CSD. They have managed to capture a balanced level of complexity that allows students to focus on essential features within each section. I would recommend this to any student studying for the national exam.

Martin Fischer, PhD. CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow, Professor and Director, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Pacific University

The National Speech-Language Pathology Examination Review and Study Guide (Lof and Johnson) is an excellent resource for clinical and academic faculty as well as students. The challenge of staying current in the field of audiology and speech-language pathology can be daunting. Lof and Johnson’s book makes this challenge fun and easy as the authors address the entry level knowledge and skills that students in CAA accredited programs are learning/will be learning during their academic and clinical training. The book is a gold standard in the industry, a book every student in Communication Sciences and Disorders should see as a career investment. For faculty it is great teaching tool, a checks and balances to ensure that all specific content is taught. The organization is wonderful and easy to follow, and the review questions represent an excellent overview. This should be the number one purchase for any new or experienced speech language pathologist or audiologist.

Carolyn Wiles Higdon, Professor, University of Mississippi  

This book outlines the chapter content very well. The graphics are helpful to visualize the anatomy and physiology of the structures. Thank you for creating a great resource for students to help pass the PRAXIS and to refer back to as needed on the job.

Teresa Longino South Carolina State University