The course was well organized and covered each aspect of the exam and preparation in a helpful manner. I feel prepared to start studying in terms of creating a study plan, strategizing my study approach, assessing my strengths/weaknesses and how to utilize my resources. The course was definitely worth the cost and time. - Samantha Rodimer;   Great introduction to studying, helpful information, very informative and helped me remember back to various topics. - Hannah Wilcox;   Helpful in preparing and approaching and dissecting questions for the exam. - Elizabeth BicknellStudents of Ithaca College
I felt very nervous and anxious about taking the NBCOT before this course but now I have a plan for studying, I can identify my strengths and weaknesses and I have been shown that I do know the information, I just need to know how to apply it. I am not as worried anymore.Heather C, Le Moyne University
Very Helpful, went by quickly, a good schedule and use of time. - Bayley M;   Very educations and worth the $$$$$$! - Melanie F;   I learned several tips, strategies and test taking skills. I feel better prepared to study and test take overall. - Jena DStudents of St. Ambrose University
The course is a great way to reduce some anxiety regarding the test and gives insight as to how to prepare and study. - Chelsea W;   I am really thankful I signed up for the course. Initially the questions made me feel overwhelmed but as we scored and reasoned through them I felt my confidence improve. I also felt like I understood the logic behind the correct answers for the ones I missed. - Morgan C;   The course provided great tips and tricks on how to study, how to prepare mentally and what to expect from the exam. It helped calm my nerves about all the unknowns about the exam and also helped me better understand the test questions. - Danielle CStudents of Creighton University
The course was very helpful and I appreciated being able to learn better test taking strategies and learning how to develop the best study plan for me.The course helped ease the anxiety I have about the exam. - Hannah Narvaan;    The course had an organized layout of the testing information and OT practice areas. I enjoyed answering and reviewing the answers thoroughly as a group while discussing rationale for correct answers. - Danielle Accordino;  The course eased my anxiety regarding the NBCOT test. I learned strategies to make test taking more effective. - Devek DrasbuStudents of University of Scranton
I’m glad I signed up for this course. It was very helpful. - Deja-Monique Bradley;   Amazing and I definitely recommend the course to any OT student. - Christopher Cesar;   I think it helped in showing me how I should study for the NBCOT, my strengths and weaknesses and the exam format. - Kelly BaileyStudents of Barry University
Worth the money! Thank you! - Melissa Green;   I appreciate learning “how” to take the test, not just study content review. - Stephanie Voss;   Really prepares you for how to process and answer the questions. - Angela DolanStudents of St. Catherine's University
I loved the organization of the course and the helpful tips about types of questions and key words. Both course manual and the exam book are extremely helpful in my learning.Alissa B - Northern Arizona University
Extremely helpful! I feel very organized and prepared just from 2 days. - Perry Rugen;   Very informative, straight forward and organized. Beneficial to discuss different test questions and complete practice questions. - Bianca Angstadt;   very helpful! Definitely recommend it! - Rachel FrickStudents of Temple University
This course was very helpful for me to know what to expect during the exam. It also helped me become more confident in my study plan. - Amanda Berryhill;   Very informative and will help me create a study course of action. - Claire Criscione;   Great layout, far better than anticipated. - Madison Harpenau Students of St Ambrose University
Well structured, gave great examples of broad questions and content; Broke down how to analyze questions and responses; provided tips for eliminating options and provided much needed info and details about exam day and preparing for the exam.Katy T, Husson University
Very beneficial in providing helpful information to prepare for and study for the exam and stress management. - Marlee Jones;     So glad that our school offers this course! I feel more confident about my study plan! - Haley Grisham;     The course gave very informational and helpful tips to study and pass the NBCOT. - Justin BlevinsStudents of Abilene Christian University
Organized and systematic, I feel it really helped me to prepare how and what is most important to study. - Mary W;   A+ Course. - Jack D;   Very helpful and informative. I feel much more prepared for studying for and taking the exam. - Stephanie MStudents of Rockhurst University
I feel so much better about taking the exam and preparing. - Abigail O;   I enjoyed how this course was structured and set up. I liked the different opportunities to practice strategies, test questions and review. - Katelyn K;   Changed my perspective related to the exam and I how I will approach questions. Very helpful course and gave me more confidence moving forward with the study process. - Allie DStudents of Chatham University
Overall very helpful. Glad I took the course and would absolutely recommend it to other students. - Lucille R;   I feel more confident with my understanding of how to take the NBCOT after taking this course. - Tarryn M;   It helped me analyze questions better. - George DStudents of University of Missouri
Lots of new knowledge, I learned a lot about the exam and the study strategies. I really enjoyed the course. - Mallory O;   I’m glad that I had this course. It was very helpful. - Autumn B;   Very insightful, increased confidence and understanding of exam strategies and set up. Gave me a picture of what I need to work on and what a good study plan consists of. - Robin WStudents of Eastern Kentucky University
Very Very helpful and absolutely worth my time and money - Maria R;   Very informative and allowed me to focus when studying. - Abby W;   This course was very helpful. I feel prepared to enter my studies. - Camarie KStudents of University of Texas Medical Branch
Awesome tricks/tips. I feel much more confident. - Arianna H;   Provided good insight into exam set up, preparation and what to expect. - Paula D;   Course helped to identify strategies for taking the exam and important areas to study. - Sarah VStudents of MCPHS
Very beneficial and enhanced my learning.” - Huong L;   Very informative, provided strategies to help me be successful by learning what type of test taker you are and strengths and weaknesses. - Peyton H;   Very helpful with detailed information regarding test taking strategies, useful test reading and interpretation techniques and location of rationale knowledge. - Briana DStudents of College of St Mary
I feel more prepared to study for the exam, as well as exam layout and organization. - Sarah W;   This course was extremely beneficial in helping me to clinically reason through the questions. - Jenna E;   I am glad I attended this course, I think it was really helpful and gives really good insight into breaking down questions, I am really happy I took this course. - Julie CStudents from Concordia University
Good way to identify which kind of test taker I am, the best way for me to study and how to plan my time. - Gabriella S;   Very organized, I liked the incorporation of MC and CS questions and the test taking tips and strategies, it allowed me to make a personalized study plan. - Lauren F;   The course provided me with the tools to assess my strengths and weaknesses. - Juliah DStudents from Florida Gulf Coast University
This course provides extremely valuable strategies that I would never have able to identify or use had I studied on my own. - Kahla W;   It was SO helpful, I feel more prepared now than I did prior. - Mary JStudents from Medical University of South Carolina
Amazing! I enjoyed the course very much and will implement all the tools that we were provided with. - Kaitlyn H;   Well worth my time and money! I thought it was all going to be a lecture about strategy and was delighted to discover that we used concrete examples and practice. - Katherine V;   Fabulous. I feel much more prepared to tackle this now. I would absolutely recommend this course. - Jamie WStudents from University of Southern Maine
Great Course. I found it very helpful, the instructor did a great job keeping me engaged, pacing the course and explaining different concepts, she also did a fantastic job explaining the rationales behind each question. - Melinda T;   I liked how we practiced with the time restrictions because it allowed me to see that I really can complete questions quickly. - Hannah S;   Would recommend to others. - Courtney OStudents from Elmhurst College
This course was very helpful and provided great resources. - Priscilla S;   Course has given good tips on how to study efficiently. - Sara Z;   Love all the practice questions and practice question dissection. - Loretta OStudents from Long Island University
My name is Drew Dillard...from the TherapyEd prep course back on the 12-13 of this month in Atlanta at Georgia State. I wanted to let you know I finally passed my boards to become OTR/L!!! I wanted to thank you for your support, advice and helpful hints and tips you shared that weekend. You certainly had an impact and a big reason why I can proclaim OTR/L!Drew Dillard - Georgia State University
I wanted to reach out and acknowledge Ms. Paula Carey. I have had some tutoring sessions with her that have been excellent. I would recommend her as a tutor to anyone preparing for the NBCOT exam. She is supportive, caring, and super helpful. She has helped build my confidence and gone above and beyond to help me. She helped me practice questions and think out loud, which enabled me to become more aware of my critical reasoning skills. I also was able to gain a better understanding on how to approach the test questions. I truly appreciate all of the help she has provided thus far. I would recommend the therapy Ed tutoring sessions to anyone. I am very thankful to Paula for all of her help!!  Allie Hallberg - Xavier University
Hi! I just finished my tutoring session with Paula and I just wanted to say she is absolutely amazing! Her guidance and positive energy has really shifted my thinking in prep for my boards exam and I am forever grateful to have been able to learn from her.  Deanna Mazzei - Texas Woman's University
I just wanted to take time to thank therapy ed for their 2-day prep course and also the study prep materials! The therapy ed book, exams and rationales helped me ace my exam!! I am so thankful I had this study tool. The rationales were very thorough and to the point. Thank you for helping me claim my OTR title!Jonette Ishmael - Thomas Jefferson University
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Therapy Ed for providing me with an amazing tutoring experience with Paula. I failed my first exam by 5 points and felt completely defeated- I thought I was never going to pass the exam and almost gave up. I then reached out to therapy Ed for guidance as I had used their book while preparing for the exam. The woman on the phone was so helpful and put me in touch with Michele Emery who hooked me up with the most amazing tutor!!!! Aside from teaching me strategies in how to break down a question and chose the best answer she also gave me confidence and was my ‘therapist’. At times I felt down and honestly quite depressed on how difficult this was for me but Paula pushed me and I really have to say I don’t think I could’ve done this with out her!!!! She rooted for me until the very end! Additionally, she was extremely flexible with meeting times and responded to emails and texts promptly! She made herself always accessible to me even if it was just to chat on the phone and to lift my spirits. I feel that many people don’t know about the tutoring that therapy Ed offers and for many this can be all they need in order to be successful on the exam. I want to thank you again for providing this service and for providing the best tutor! S.W. - New York Institute of Technology
After not passing I was devastated! However, this course provided a different outlook for me. It gave me a chance to practice my test taking strategies and learn how to analyze the questions. The instructor was great and I feel good about re-taking the exam.Lanette S. Glady, O.T.R. Occupational Therapist, Registered , Saginaw Valley State University
The course was helpful in that it improved the way I read and interpret questions. The study guide is most helpful in that it is a great overview of OT info (organized and concise). I feel more confident now in my ability to take the exam.Angela Mahosky, Duquesne University
I can't express how much the course helped me prepare academically and mentally. My instructor was wonderful! She did an excellent job and provided the class with concise information. The class was very beneficial to me and I have no regrets. I would like to mention that I was successful this time with my boards! What a relief. I would recommend this course to everyone! Thank you so much for having this course available. Thank you for my recent success!Lanette S. Glady, O.T.R. Occupational Therapist, Registered, Saginaw Valley State University
It exceeded my expectations! It was a great review and gave great hints and practice for multiple choice questions. The instructor was knowledgeable and very good at guiding the group!Megan Shanley, OTR Indiana University

Amazing! I enjoyed the course very much and will implement all the tools that we were provided with. - Kaitlyn H;  

Well worth my time and money! I thought it was all going to be a lecture about strategy and was delighted to discover that we used concrete examples and practice. - Katherine V;  

Fabulous. I feel much more prepared to tackle this now. I would absolutely recommend this course. - Jamie W

Students from University of Southern Maine