For over 25 years TherapyEd has been the leader in helping prepare students for their OT and OTA Certification exams. We believe that expertise, experience, ethics, and giving back to the Occupational Therapy community matters. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have DOUBLED our free Online Office Hours, developed new content review sessions to complement the skills focus of our regular Online
Office Hours, and hosted four free webinars on how to most effectively prepare for the OTR® and COTA® exams.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we have DOUBLED our Free Online Office Hours and expanded their scope. As part of our efforts to help every student succeed on the exam, we offer FREE Online Office Hours to give students a way to ask questions and prepare for the exam even after the course has ended.  Online Office Hours are now held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 - 8:00 pm EST.  The last session of the month will focus on strategies for OTA exam candidates.  Moderated every week by an experienced TherapyEd instructor, our Online Office Hours give students a way to extend their studying and get extra help, especially in these difficult times. In addition, as part of our response to the pandemic, we are expanding the scope of the Online Office Hours as well. Every Tuesday, log-in, ask questions, and get personalized help while also learning from other students' questions. Every Thursday our instructors will review important exam content areas and then answer questions. The content areas covered in coming weeks will be:

April 2: Upper Extremity Conditions
April 9: Pediatric Conditions:Cerebral Palsy and Spinal Bifida
April 16: OT Theory and Application
April 23: Splinting
April 30: Allen-the cognitive disabilities model, the Allen cognitive levels, and the ACLS
May 7: DSM-5 Diagnostic Review and Psychosocial Evaluation and Intervention Approaches
May 14: Musculoskeletal Conditions and Biomechanical Evaluation and Intervention Approaches
May 21: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems Disorders and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
May 28: Neurological Systems Disorders and Neurophysiological Evaluation and Intervention Approaches
June 4: Typical Development reflexes, developmental levels and developmental evaluation
June 11: Aging, low vision, adaptation to aging, evaluation of home safety, fall prevention
June 18: Physical agent modalities (PAMs): Indications, Contradictions, Precautions, and the Role of the COTA® and OTR®
June 25: Professional Ethics, Competence, and Practice Management, Standards and Responsibilities
All you need to start is to sign in with your email address. This will take you to the live Online Office Hours where you can focus on your exam preparation questions with our experienced instructors. 

Be sure that your camera and microphone are activated when you enter the office hours.  That will help to ensure that the instructor will be able to address your questions efficiently and effectively.

Online Office Hours

There is no charge for our Online Office Hours--it comes as a benefit of taking the TherapyEd preparation course for the NBCOT®'s exams and now as part of our effort to help amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online Office Hours

Worth the money! Thank you! - Melissa Green;  

I appreciate learning “how” to take the test, not just study content review. - Stephanie Voss;  

Really prepares you for how to process and answer the questions. - Angela Dolan

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