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I thought the course was well designed and very helpful. If I am being honest, I was not necessarily excited to sit for two whole days to take this course but decided to thanks to the reviews of my friends who had taken it last year. I had assumed it would be helpful but boring and was worried that my attention span at this point in the year wouldn't be long enough to get as much out of this presented over zoom as I would have in an in-person class. However, I think this course has been the best thing I have done for myself in all of PT school. I feel so much more confident about the exam and my own knowledge of the content and I’m not as anxious for clinicals to start. Everything was great. The instructor was the best instructor I have ever had, and I wish he had been one of my teachers throughout PT school. The content was good and let me evaluate my own strengths and weaknesses with test taking and material content. I loved the quizzes, which I hadn’t been looking forward to initially, but these really did ease a lot of my doubts.

Western Carolina University Student, Nov 2020